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Mdina Glassware
Mdina Glassware

Malta Imports invites you to share in the experience of the island’s unique culture and artisans, through Mdina Glass. Created on the island of Malta, each exquisite, handcrafted piece is inspired by the beauty that can only be found in the Maltese landscape. Ancient towns filled with Renaissance cathedrals and Baroque palaces, the shimmering blues of the sea and sky as it mingles with the lush greens and browns of the natural terrain are all reflected in each striking piece of exquisite glassware. Mdina Glass is sure to be a popular hit with your customers.

About Mdina Glasware:
An important forerunner of the international studio glass movement, Michael Harris (1933-1994) was the founder and creative brilliance behind Mdina Glass, which he and his wife Elizabeth opened in 1969 on the island of Malta. Harris’ intriguing glasswork reflects the rich colors and textures of the sun, the sea, and the Maltese landscape. Michael Harris died in 1994, but his glasswork remains highly collectible today, with his earlier signed pieces being considered a “holy grail” for art glass collectors.

Mdina Glass continues to produce unique and collectible art glass under the inspired direction of Joseph Said, who has been with the company since its inception. Every contemporary piece of Mdina Glass is the product of a team of highly skilled craftsmen and artisans, working together to create beautiful and collectible glass pieces that reflect the beauty and mystery of the Maltese islands.